~~4130 Alloy Frames~~

If you want something different for your next scooter project, you have found it

4130 Radius2

4130 Long

LEMMON 714   Ford Radius Rod Downtube   Ace1


4130 KBD 4130 KBD Girder 4130 Long

4130 Long 4130 Long Springer 4130 Radius

4130 Radius 2 4130 Stock Delux1

Delux2 Delux4 Drilled

No two spartan frames are alike, custom designed and built one at a time

Spartan frames are designed to look lean, mean and fast - not big and bulky

Shorty Frame

4130 Stock

But looks are not everything

These chrome molly frames are tough and durable. Designed and tested to take the abuse of every day hard riding, burn-outs, wheelies, drag racing (on a track of course) fast freeways and bad roads. All that and still about 20lbs lighter than a stock wishbone or straight leg

Before the first tube is bent, each frame is first drawn to scale, in auto-cad, to check-out the rake, stretch, trail, ground clearance, wheel base, etc.. This guarantees your frame will be what you want.

Each frame is 100% tig welded

Turn around time is usually 3 to 5 weeks once you've approved the drawings.

Call to check whats in stock

Included options:

Extra options:
(these options are extra $)
Material4130     alloy  steel (normalized)

Please call George with any questions.


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