~~F.O.G. 103"~~

"I would be honored to have your bike named after me"      
~Greg B. '04~

50's style Bobber / Boardtrack Racer

Mockup 4  Mockup 5  Mockup 6  Mockup 7 

Mockup 8  Mockup 9  Mockup 10  Mockup 11  Mockup 12 
coming together-finished pics coming soon

This bike was dreamed-up by Anthony Ribeau. He has had a hand in fabricating and assembling every piece on this motorcycle. This is his evil creation, the rest of us are just helping out.

The heart of this mother is a 103" hot-rod panhead motor built by Mark McPherson in Tucson, he also built the new trans with Andrews gears. George at Spartan fabbed the pipes, forward controls, shifter/clutch linkage, top motor mount, pegs and kicker pedal. Thanks to Scott Bateman for the hard plumbing and assembly help.

Painting and prep work by Anthony. He did the black base, silver leaf work, and the clear coats. Jim Gear put down the blue striping.

Finally, the H-D Mechanical rear drum brake will stop this baby on a dime.


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