~~Oregon George's Chop~~

Oregon George's Chop Done

This bike was first brought to me to replace the chain primary with a 3" PRIMO belt and replace the bent springer. No big deal. Well after checking things out, it was clear that there was other stuff going on, including serious frame issues.

It always starts with something simple.


Before 1   Before 2   Before 3

new frame done

pipes done

Pipes 1   Pipes 2

the mock-up almost done

Pipes 3  


Finished 2   Finished 3   Finished 4   Finished 5
Finished 6   Finished 7   Finished 8   Finished 9   Finished 10

Custom built for Oregon George, this bike is one of a kind.

Starting with a Spartan frame with a Ford radius rod down tube, 35 deg. rake, 4" up and 4" out. The frame holds a 96" Evo in Delcron cases, a 4 speed cow pie trans, 3" Primo belt, and chain to the rear.

The pipes are by George Counes at Spartan, along with the stainless steel jocky linkage, sissy bar and oil tank mounts. The copper oil tank and lines are the creation of Scott Bateman in Tucson. The paint is by Anthony Ribeau, owner of Vintage Steel in Tucson. It is Ferrari black with a little green pearl in the clear. The tank striping is by Johnny Vegas and the rear fender by Jim Gear, both here in Tucson. The old S&S "CYCLE" air cleaner found while fishing in ebay. This bike is freakin' LOUD and hauls ass.

Big time thanks to Scott and Anthony

Oregon George


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