~~War Pigs~~

War Pigs

The War Pigs frame is a Spartan straight leg with a slight radius in the front down tubes, custom axle plates, mechanical breaks, and some custom stuff going on in the seat area. The Spartan Riveted springer is 1" over.

A 93" Knucklehead Power motor, Primo belt and slop top 4 speed send power to an 18" Metzler laced to an H-D star hub. The front aluminum hub is laced with s.s. Buchanon spokes to an 1.60 aluminum rim.

The cross over pipes, controls, and handle bars are all Spartan. The polishing and nickle plate is by Don Jose in Tucson. The seat frame, top motor mount, headlight bracket and control linkage are all stainless steel fabed by Spartan. Oil is handled by a 6" oval copper Spartan oil tank, the copper oil lines bent bent by Mike Juran at Spartan. The 93" Knuck is breathing through an S&S E and fired with a Morris G5 mag.

The body work and paint is taken care of by Hi Speed Rods and Customs in Tucson. Anthony Ribeau made the Triumph tank and Chica fender smooth. Johnny Vegas shot the black with a hint of fish net, that can only be seen in right light. Johnny also did the striping to finish it off. The frame, springer, and struts are shot with a clear-no body work.

This bike is for sale $29,500


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